What Makes a Good Marketing Person?

“What differentiates an average marketer to a good one?”

This question during an interview prompted me to dive deeper about who I am as a marketer, and what my personal branding is.

I think most of us can agree that results in the form of metrics and $$$ are a good tangible indicator of whether a marketing campaign is successful. Experience helps with acumen, as with the ability to utilize tools to optimize performance.

Yet, what works for one industry may not necessarily be an exact copy-and-paste for another industry.

There are also various types of digital marketing – content, SEO, paid, SEM, mobile, email, etc.

I think a good marketer is one who first, truly believes in the product that the business is selling, and better still, a user of the product. I personally find it a challenge to promote something I do not advocate – tobacco, for example. But tell me to market a favourite brand I use, and I’m all for it!

A good marketer is also someone who is also clearly aligned with the organization’s branding and objectives. Only then will he/she be able to identify the individuals who are most likely to buy into the brand, and remain loyal to it.

I’d like to think that a marketer is the glue between the business and its customers. A marketer needs to empathize with the target audience, sniffing out pain points, and crafting the best possible angle to serve the business’ product/service on a palatable plate.

Thus, therein lies the need of a balancing act – a marketer who needs to be on the ground to empathize with its audience, while making sense of data to justify his/her growth strategies that will convert into dollars.