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Gracious Watch to Offer Daily Discounts on Watches

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(Published on MarketersMedia on November 5, 2014)

Summary: Gracious Watch is offering daily discounts of up to 50% on its watches, including its high end models. This upcoming watch review site assesses brands from under $50 to luxury watches, and even shines its spotlight on startups who are giving the watch industry an overhaul.

Gracious Watch launched in 2013 with the single idea that watch reviews should be genuine and reliable. By curating the features and weighing the pros and cons of each unique watch piece, visitors can then make their purchases of affordable watches with a peace of mind.

This is also why Gracious Watch has partnered up with its vendors to offer daily discounts, even on high end watches. Visitors can expect up to 50% off retail prices when they visit Gracious Watch.

“It is said that a watch is often a reflection of one’s social status and wealth. However, I feel that a watch should represent a person’s character and bring out his unique style. A wealthy man who can afford a Rolex may find that a Calvin Klein is more suitable for his style,” explains Jeremiah Say, the founder of Gracious Watch.

Gracious Watch, being a start-up, is also supportive of other fellow entrepreneurs in the watch industry as well. Recently, it interviewed Rossling & Co, that developed the first ultra thin watch and tweed strap funded on Kickstarter.

“We are in the midst of interviewing more of our watch making partners, including the veterans of the industry. A watch can be an emotionally-driven purchase decision, and it is often the story behind each brand and piece that moves customers,” Say comments.

The interviews will also help Gracious Watch understand every brand better, and in turn provide more comprehensive reviews of the watches to serve its readers better.

The discounts are usually offered for a limited time only and tend to change everyday, so Say advises that visitors take advantage of the offer as soon as they have decided from the reviews on its site. The watches under $200 are usually the more popular deals.

Gracious Watch intends to review at least 80% of the watch market by 2015. At the moment, it already covers most of the popular brands such as Rolex, Omega, Calvin Klein, Seiko, Casio, Citizen, Nautica and more.

Combined with its planned media coverage of various watch brands, it aims to become the Web’s leading watch review brand.

Its website is also organized so that visitors can easily find what they need, such as lists of top watches for men and women, affordable luxury watches, and a recommendation for cheap watches below $50.

“Our focus in providing genuine and reliable watch reviews will be and has always been our main driving force. This allows us to continuously develop a customer-oriented review site,” explains Say.

For more information on Gracious Watch’s daily discounts on affordable watches, visits its website today.