INFJ – The Advocate

Based on the Myer-Briggs’ personality test, more about the INFJ here.

Individual personality has been one of my favourite topics in psychology, and I even wrote my dissertation on it (that and its relation to birth order).

I appreciate when organizations use personality tests as part of the hiring process. Despite a job description indicating that the candidate should be able to work independently, there is bound to be some collaboration that will happen.

It is helpful that employers know what keeps their staff motivated, and how conflicts can be resolved.

As an INFJ, I thrive in a purpose-driven role, which is why I don’t buy into the whole “it’s just a job to pay the bills” concept. Perhaps it would work for a couple of months, but I doubt I will stay long if I no longer find meaning in my work.

I need to know that what I am doing is creating a positive impact, and I’d like to think that this enables me to be better at my job and if any, drives more passion into knowing that I can contributing to the bigger picture.

There is also a sub-category, which is the “Turbulent” INFJ. This means that my sense of identity can change according to situations. I’ve always believed that this makes me versatile and adaptive.