About Me

I am a fond believer that marketing does not always have to involve extravagant tactics. Sometimes the conventional works, and at other times creativity helps. Ultimately, it is important to work with the resources that a business has, and make every part of it count.

I was first introduced to digital marketing in 2010, where my work began as a content developer. Thanks to the openness of my colleagues at that time, I was given the opportunity to explore other areas of marketing where I quickly took an interest towards SEO, SEM and Facebook marketing.

I realized that the words I generated with my keyboard was also telling a story for the business – tugging at the heartstrings of customers.

I have worked with start-ups and companies with new product launches where their marketing budget needs to be optimized to the dollar. This often involves content marketing, where an editorial schedule is strategically planned out to garner organic traffic, followed by a series of copyedited paid ads to boost engagement, converting to sales.

I have also supported in social media campaigns, media releases and been invited to speak about SEO, digital marketing and digital publishing on various occasions.

Rapport and mutual trust with my partners are crucial to making things work. And we will never know if things will hit off until we meet. So feel free to get in touch with me at chrystalize7@gmail.com for a chat!